plastic alloy

SmartAgain® is an all-round plastic material. It bridges the processing and performance gaps of Polyolefins as well as those of Polyamides.

Broad applications: It is easy-to-use for most plastic processing technologies including FDM 3D printing. And can fulfill a wide range of performance needs.

Recurred recycling: It can keep most of the processing and performance properties after recurred processing.

By being used and reused across different industries and markets, SmartAgain® can maximize the opportunities for circular use of plastics.

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multi-material laminates

SmartIn®, thanks to its elegant appearance and excellent barrier, thermal and mechanical properties, is a unique and universal packaging solution. Different from traditional multi-material laminates, SmartIn® can be recycled back into valuable plastics.

Value-added recyclability: When collected separately, the waste of SmartIn® can be directly reworked into SmartAgain®. It can also be collected together with PP and improve the properties of recycled PP.