Privacy Statement

1. Introduction
The companies of QuinLyte operate in several different countries. We are committed to protecting your privacy. This statement explains how we collect, use and disclose the personal data in our possession relating to our customers, vendors, suppliers, distributors and other third parties including persons visiting our websites (referred to collectively in this Statement as a “Third Party”). This Statement may change from time to time. You are advised to review this Statement periodically. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via one of the methods set out in the Contact us section below.

2. What personal data do we collect about you?
QuinLyte may collect and generate personal data about you. This personal data includes:

  1. Your basic information – such as your name (including name prefix or title); your maiden name and surname; your gender and your position (including a description of your current position, your title, your unit/department), and date of birth.
  2. Contact information – office address, professional email address; and professional phone number(s)

3. Cookies
Cookies are little text files which are stored on the browser or hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you visit a webpage or application. Cookies work to make your experience browsing our site as smooth as possible and they remember your preferences so you don’t have to insert your details again and again.

There are different types of cookies. Some cookies come directly from our website and others come from third parties which place cookies on our site.

Cookies can be stored for varying lengths of time on your browser or device. Session cookies are deleted from your computer or device when you close your web-browser. Persistent cookies will remain stored on your computer or device until deleted or until they reach their expiry date.

At the moment  2 varieties of cookies operate on our website:

  1. The customizers - These cookies (also called functional cookies) allow our site to remember your preferences, helping you to customize your experience on our site. 
  2. The performance improvers - These cookies tell us about how you use the site and they help us to make it better. For example these cookies count the number of visitors to our website and see how visitors move around when they are using it. This helps us to improve the way our site works, for example, by ensuring that users find what they are looking for easily.

4. How do we obtain your personal data?
We collect your personal data:

  1. During the course of your relationship with QuinLyte, for example personal data that is included in materials submitted during networking events or sales calls, or on invoices 
  2. When you order a product or a service, make a request, or other communications through our websites
  3. When you participate in a marketing event such as a survey, promotion, forum or trade show, whether organized by QuinLyte or a third party

5. How do we use your personal data?
We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Entering into a business relationship with your employer, and generating data during the performance of the business relationship 
  2. Developing and maintaining professional relationships as required to conduct QuinLyte business
  3. Responding to any queries or requests you may have
  4. Facilitating communication (including marketing communications) with you and your employer and organizing marketing and networking events
  5. Complying with legal, regulatory and other requirements such as those imposed by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; or record-keeping or reporting obligations; conducting audits; complying with government inspections and other requests from government or other public authorities; responding to legal process such as subpoenas; pursuing legal rights and remedies; defending litigation and managing internal complaints or claims; complying with internal policies and procedures; or complying with local employment law obligations

6. On what basis do we use your personal data?
We use your personal data on the following basis:

  1. In order to enter into a business relationship with you, and for the purposes of performing all obligations associated with the business relationship
  2. For the legitimate interests of QuinLyte, including those described in the How do we use your personal data section above
  3. To comply with certain legal and regulatory obligations of QuinLyte

7. With whom do we share your personal data?
Due to the nature of our operations, QuinLyte needs to be able to move Third Parties’ personal data across our organization. We share certain of your personal data with:

  1. the companies of QuinLyte
  2. QuinLyte employees

From time to time, we may also need to make your personal data available to other parties, such as:

  1. legal and regulatory authorities
  2. auditors, lawyers, consultants and other outside professional advisors to QuinLyte

8. Transfers of your personal data outside of your home country
Your personal data may be processed by QuinLyte and those other parties described in the ‘With whom do we share your personal data’ section above, anywhere in the world, including in countries where data privacy laws may not be equivalent to, or as protective as, the laws in your home country. We ensure that your personal data remains protected and secure when it is transferred outside of your home country, in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

9. Protecting your personal data
Consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws, we use a variety of technological and organizational security measures to help protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Personal data will generally be maintained in secure and centralized databases. The databases are protected via standard back-up and recovery processes.

10. How long will we keep your personal data?
We will keep your personal data for the period required by law. We will also keep your personal data for as long as necessary in connection with a legal action or an investigation involving QuinLyte.

Otherwise, we keep your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in the ‘How do we use your personal data’ section above.

11. Your rights
You are entitled to:

  1. Request information about the processing of your personal data
  2. Request a copy of your personal data
  3. Request the correction and/or deletion of your personal data
  4. Request the restriction of, or object to, the processing of your personal data
  5. Withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data (where QuinLyte is processing your personal data based on your consent)
  6. Complain to your local supervisory authority if your privacy rights are violated, or if you have suffered as a result of unlawful processing of your personal data

You can always choose not to to share your personal data with us. If you object to the processing of your personal data, QuinLyte will respect that choice in accordance with its legal obligations. However, this could mean that we are unable to perform the actions necessary to achieve the purposes of processing described in the ‘How do we use your personal data’ section above.

12. Contact us
If you have questions or requests about the processing of your personal data, or need additional information, you can contact: info@quinlyte.com

The companies of QuinLyte consist of QuinLyte Holding B.V.; QuinLyte Sustainable Packaging B.V.; and QuinLyte Material Technology