Why HuJiang

HuJiang is focused on serving plastic material industry in Asia in the past thirty years. Customers’ material science background and demanding packaging needs have shaped the identity of HuJiang:

Safety: Every details that could influence customers’ safety during operation are carefully integrated into HuJiang’s packaging solution.

Science based: HuJiang leverages the material science knowhow of customers for new developments.

Tailor made and cost competitive: HuJiang has a highly flexible production setup and a good balance between automation and skilled labors.


HJ Eco™

HJ Eco™ is the new generation of moisture and UV high barrier packaging.  It is especially suitable for moisture, hydrolysis and UV sensitive polymers, resins, compounds and ingredients.

High barrier: At room temperature, HJ Eco™ flexible packaging has comparable performance to those using aluminum foil laminates in terms of moisture uptake of packed goods.

Broader recyclability: HJ Eco™ can not only be directly reprocessed into PE-LD blown film but also be applied as special additives for plastic compounds.